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Don't be left DRY during a disaster

Posted by Gaylene Barnes on

In light of the recent quakes, the Roof Water Harvesting Centre at Massey University has released a press release recommending a minimum 250 to 600 litre rainwater tank for drinking-needs during an emergency:

"Quakes reinforce need for emergency water supplies" MASSEY UNIVERSITY

ANDY JACKSON/ Gerard Daldry from Protranz Earthmoving is trucking water from Kaikoura's town centre up to the reservoir.Water shortage is now a major problem in the quake-affected towns along the Kaikoura coast, and while a small rainwater tank will provide drinking-water needs only, a larger harvesting and treatment rainwater tank could easily provide all of a households needs during an earthquake or other natural disaster.

The first truck to make it into Kaikoura after the 7.8M earthquake that struck on the 13th of November was a water-truck! Now making round-the-clock trips to replenish the town's water supply from the Kaikoura reservoir, which has been restored with only a very limited supply.

This should be a wake-up call for people in town centres who have become overly reliant on reticulated water supplies, who live on or near fault-lines, or who are facing contamination issues due to poor maintenance / pollution. Water is an absolute priority, and it is up to each household to ensure they are water secure.

It is easy to install and operate a safe rainwater utilisation system. While Dr. Stan About from the Roof Water Harvesting Centre notes that contamination can be a problem, we have reliable solutions to deal with this - without resorting to chemicals. Our organic membrane-filtration rainwater treatment system provides one of the safest bacteria-free solutions for rainwater harvesting and general water utilisation throughout your whole home.

Be resilient and self-sufficient! Have your own safe water supply.

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