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Wastewater Heat Recovery Eco Shower Pipe 20

Wastewater Heat Recovery Ecoshower Pipe 20

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  • $1,345.00

  • For two showers.
  • For vertical installation to the drainage pipe below the shower.
  • Outer tube made of dark gray PVC (PN 7.5 bar), heat exchangers made of double walled seamless copper tube.
  • Waste water connection 50mm
  • Domestic water connections:           hot water 2 x 1/2”; cold water ¾”
  • Dimensions (L x Ø):                         2015 x “77
  • Efficiency:                                        50.2%

Efficient heat recovery from shower water. The heat contained in the shower wastewater is passed through the heat exchanger and transferred to the inflowing cold water. The pre-heated water is supplied to the cold water supply of the faucet, conveniently and simply reducing energy consumption. ECOshower can be connected to any water heater and shower. The patented design and the simple and efficient construction ensures durable high performance and energy saving.

Connection set Ecoshower 20 required for installation.

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