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Find out how easy it is to recycle your bathroom water with AQUALOOP!

Recycling bathroom greywater (tub, sink, shower) starts right at the planning stage. Whilst it is not impossible to integrate an AQUALOOP system to an existing house is it certainly easier to do it, when you start building a house or renovating your bathroom. Include the AQUALOOP system into your drawings you submit for the building consent, as the installation requires plumbing - and drain laying work.

All that is required are two tanks (bio reactor- and clean-water tank), 500 liter for each of them are sufficient for up to 8 inhabitants. The system is modular and can be sized for up to 200 inhabitants, making it ideal for gyms, hotels, rest homes and so on.  The bio-reactor tank is gravity feed so it might have to be semi buried in order to catch the greywater. The clean-water tank can be sit beside it or elevated, dependable on site requirements.

The pumping unit requires a mains water supply for top up (1/2" for the Eco series and 1" for the Favorit series), also separate plumbing (pink pipes) from the unit to the end-users (toilets, laundry, outdoor tap, etc.) has to be considered and on the drawings you submit for consent. 

The system requires 3 plugins for power supply and the controller and pumping unit should be mounted in a sheltered spot in order to avoid any weather damage.

If you have a project and want to integrate an AQUALOOP system ask us, we will give you advice regarding the best solutions for your project.