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PLURAFIT Multi Purpose Chamber (inspection, cleaning, water meter, hose, valve)


  • $151.66

PLURAFIT multi-purpose chambers are designed to be installed in pipe trenches. They can be used in several ways, for installation of water meters and - valves, as inspection and cleaning shafts and also for underground connection points for electric – or phone lines. Ideal for domestic, commercial, temporary construction sites, parks or small garden systems, on camping sites or at cemeteries. The multi-purpose chamber is easy to install in pipe trenches and without much digging due to its small diameter. Its surface is water proof, hygienically clean and allows frost-free operation of the installation. There is no need to enter the multi-purpose chamber, nor is it possible.

  • Sturdy design.
  • Extremely easy mounting
  • Modular extension
  • Value for money 

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