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Rainwater Harvesting - Environmental Benefits

Posted by MARTIN PFAFF on

The environment is important to you!? The manner in which you take care of it today determines its integrity for future generations.

By collecting rainwater we have a direct positive impact on the environment that all can see. Rainwater collection obviously reduces municipal water use, but how does this help the environment?  Do you know that the average household is using 18% of their water for flushing the toilet? And 23% for the washing machine! 

1. Rainwater Harvesting and Utilization (Click Here) is an alternative, and in many cases a better, water supply to the normal surface water based supplies from reservoirs or groundwater based supplies from wells tapped into underground aquifers.

2. Rainwater harvesting (Click Here) helps manage stormwater run-off to prevent erosion, flooding and poor water quality in our lakes an streams.

 - Rainwater can have a major impact on water supply and has been shown to be able to reduce municipal water demand enough that large new public water sourcing projects become unnecessary.

- In urban settings, up to 90% of water runs off because of sealed surfaces like roads, parking lots and roofs. In nature, up to 90% soaks into the ground. Rainwater harvesting systems counteract stormwater run off and thereby reduce flooding, erosion and ground water contamination. When combined with an infiltration system like rain gardens or an in-ground system (Click Here).

- Taking water out of our lakes, reservoirs and rives effects groundwater, irrigating with rainwater helps replenish groundwater supplies.

- Infrastructure projects to increase water supply use massive amounts of energy and natural resources in addition to the obvious cost to ratepayers. Rainwater harvesting and utilization helps minimize the need for these projects.

- Municipal water treatment and pumping make up a high percentage of energy and chemicals. Rainwater systems reduce this usage.

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