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Rain- and Stormwater Management

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Infiltration and Attenuation Systems

Drainmax Rainwater attenuation infiltration

Rainwater Infiltration - Complete solutions for trench and trough-trench infiltration

Trench System

Trench systems are ideal when the surface above the infiltration system shall be usable, parking, playground etc.

Drainmax trench system

Trough-Trench System

The polluted rainwater is cleaned via bio-active soil and seeps into the underlying trench, where it is stored short term to infiltrate.

Drainmax infiltration system

Rainwater Retention / Attenuation - to ease pressure on public drainage infrastructure

Trench System

Rainwater is filtered through a sedimentation/ filter shaft, then stored short-term in the in-ground trench and slowly released via the throttle outlet. The system can remain open at the sides and bottom if local infiltration is allowed or desired. The tunnel elements are placed in a layer of EPDM material if a closed system is required.

Drainmax Stormwater systemStormwater Throttle

Under- or above ground Systems

Selection of interconnected tanks, scalable to meet council and local requirements.

Stormwater Retention System

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